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93 23 Δεκεμβρίου, 2004

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

Just returned from Oliver Stone’s “Alexander the Great”. Didn’t like it. No, it wasn’t his portrayal as a bisexual that bothered me, the ancient world’s ideas about sexuality were very different from the ones we have now. It wasn’t the battles or the costumes, actually they where quite good. It wasn’t the omission of extremely important parts of history like the Gedrosian desert trail and the burning of Persepolis, I was willing to tolerate that. What I could not possibly tolerate was the performances and script. Soldiers with dreadful Irish and Scottish accents, who on earth would cast Angelina Jolie as Olympias and Val Kilmer as Philip II, and the script….it just makes you want to see them all dead!! How can I relate to the characters when they are talking such utter bollocks!!! The film might be historically accurate but the dialogs where like a cheap soap opera. I must admit I don’t share some of my fellow Greeks enthusiasm for Alexander. Despite his vision he was a bloody conqueror who killed thousands and destroyed the cultural heritage of civilizations that where in some aspects far more sophisticated than ours. I did not expect to go in the movie theatre and come out with a completly different opinion about him but I at least expected to see a descent movie of a similar quality as Gladiator, in stead I just saw the complete failure of Oliver Stone as a director.


1. dean - 10 Ιανουαρίου, 2005

double ditto on «Troy» which I walked out of…As an American I am totally embarrassed by the dumbing down of our art forms: All glitz (technology and craft, meaning cinematography) and pathetic in substance and psychic depth…but then, who would be surprised? Come live here…you’ll understand.
But worst of all is (what you mentioned)…the casting! Αχχχχ!!!! They all look the same, from soap opera to film…is there not one American actor (I mean LEAD actor, not character actor) with any substance??!! and do we have to see Brad Pitt’s body in EVERY goddam movie!?

2. Lida - 10 Ιανουαρίου, 2005

One could say that it is the subject that is problematic, that is not easy to relate to people and stories of ancient times. But that is not it. It is really amazing if you compare these films with «Spartacus», «Cleopatra», and «The Fall of the Roman Empire». «Troy» and «Alexander the great» are simply unbearable while these are a breath of fresh air, even now, after 40 years. It is the scenario, the actors and director that make the difference. Richard Burton, Alec Guinnes, Kirk Douglas, Stanley Kubric, that is what makes the difference. It looks like Hollywood is not interested in investing in originality and talent any more. The more the movie industry becomes an industry the more it is scared of risking investment on original ideas and people. If you want to see a truly wonderful film, rent Yimou’s «house of flying daggers». It has all that is now lost from Hollywood films. I must admit that although I don’t wish to see Brad Pitt naked every time he appears in a film I don’t object if he wears his birthday suite every now and then :).


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