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80 Νοέμβριος 6, 2004

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

Just returned from Comdex Greece. What a bummer! A compete disappointment! Mostly small businesses, very few large ones, the majority of which where technical publications and representatives of hardware manufacturers. No software developers, no large names (only Forthnet, Otenet, SAP and Microsoft) now telecommunications companies, no multimedia entertainment industry (despite the claims) no innovators, no industry leaders, nothing! There were some people around but after visiting Comdex Athens 2000 I can tell you they were a very different crowd. 2000 had all the local “suits” and even some foreign ones moving allover the place. Now all you see are students and people who just “saw the light on and came inside”. Comdex Greece is dead and so is the IT industry in this country. Why don’t we just close the lid, dig a grave and get done with both.



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