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78 Νοέμβριος 3, 2004

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

Yes, Bush won. I don’t think that we should have expected anything different really. The outrageously fraudulent 2000 elections gave an illusion of this all this being a neo-con coup imposed on America.  But this is not the case now; this is clearly the will of the American people. This guy and everything that he stands for represents the majority of Americans, there is no other way to put it unfortunately. Full of fear and ignorance they rushed to support the guy, which gave easy and painless answers to some of the worlds toughest questions. They voted for «security”,” morality» and «family values» while their income, jobs and health care are disappearing down the drain and the future of their children and grandchildren has been sold off to pay for an unjust and immoral war. They are the ones fully responsible for what is going to happen and both Bush and Kerry voters (and the rest of the world) are going to suffer the consequences.

Off course not all Americans are right-wing extremists and religious fanatics. In big metropolitan areas, but also all around the US, one can still find enlightened people. People who watch the Daily Show, read the Onion, WhiteHouse.org, BettyBowers, people like Kos, Atrios, World O’Crap, Sadly No!, TBOGG, The Dark Window, Jesus’ General and other bloggers that write with a great sense of humor about the onslaught of neo-conservatives determined to destroy any chance of the US snapping out of its stupor. By observing them I always hoped that at some point the US would eventually realize the tremendous damage it has inflicted for decades to other countries, its own people and even to the future generations of this planet and try to at least save itself.

But no, they had to re-elect the Idiot.

Sometimes I wonder if all this is just a Chinese conspiracy to speed up their rise to Super Power status and utterly destroy the US by using secret agents disguised as this neo-con government from Hell. It simply would be too good to be true; these people are just a bunch of greedy manipulative, narrow-minded, self- righteous, arrogant assholes. But there might be something good in this tragedy. Pseudo- Liberals like Kerry and Clinton with their feel good agenda just hide the true nature of US politics and society. With Bush, Corporations, the Military, the Christian Right, all the true workings of power are clear for all to see in their purest form. Their extremism and lack of any sort of empathy might actually push people to really do something about the state of the world we live in. 

For now what we have is a further increase in the price of oil which means that I will have to pay %$#%loads of money to keep my apartment worm this winter. Alternatively, I have a fireplace an there is a rater interestingly looking pine tree quite near where I live, now…where is that axe…



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