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68 Αύγουστος 23, 2004

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

There has been a report that US president George W. Bush might attend the Olympics (link via TBOGG) and more specifically the Soccer finals if Iraq happens to take part. The Iraq Soccer team appears in Bush’s election adds and if the report is true he might want a photo op with them in case they win the gold. Personally I find it highly unlikely that he will attend, the Iraqis themselves don’t like the idea of being part of Bush’s campaign and this might end up more of an embarrassment than a photo op if he wants to see them after the game and they refuse. The Greeks wont be happy either, I can tell you that. The majority of the Soccer Final’s spectators will be Greek with a few Iraqis and other nationalities will be present at the O.A.K.A Olympic stadium, most of which are not that thrilled with US foreign policies and Bush Jr. I can’t imagine what sort of positive image a crowd of 50.000 people shouting “Bust Dolofone!! (Bush, Murderer!!)” or even “Bush, Malaka!!!(Bush. %$#$%!!!!)” will make for Georgie Boy and his election campaign. Greeks have nothing against the American people and we have really gone out of our way to be as polite as possible and avoid any political discussions or say anything that will make our American visitors feel uncomfortable during the Olympics. As I mentioned before the Olympics is a great way for people to have fun and I can’t see any reason why President Party Pooper should spoil it all.



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