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66 Αύγουστος 20, 2004

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

Today was My Big Day at the Olympics. I watched the preliminaries for women’s100m and heptathlon, men’s triple jump and hammer throw at the O.A.K.A stadium. I must admit it was great fun, I expected far less people but although not full, the stadium had enough people to create a good atmosphere. The crowd cheered for all the athletes, of course when a Greek athlete took his turn they wend wild. The Greek Hammer Throw guy had to bad throws and was disqualified but the triple jump guy made it. I left before the women’s heptathlon finished so I’m not sure what happened with the Greek girl there. Any way it was great fun, we cheered and shouted, did “The Wave” (usually started by the overexited Swedes) and everything. If you take out the pompous ancient glory pretences, all this overcommercializing and the obsession with records and high scores out of the Olympics they are great fun. You get to see people thousands of people from all over the world, great sporting events and generally have a unique experience. I hope some day we just see them for what they are, a great way for the whole world to have fun!

P.S. 1. I really felt sorry for the 20 km race walk guys. They raced for 20 km in the hot Athens sun and only the first 3 got cheered. I think that every single one of these guys deserved a standing ovation.

P.S. 2 I’m not going to deal with all the doping scandal crap we hear these days. I can only say that for whoever has more than 3 or 4 nerve cells in his brain all this was expected, there have been after all reports about it for at least a year now (Eleftherotypia). It is a discrase and it shows how immature we can be sometimes.



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