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61 Αύγουστος 15, 2004

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

I read an article linked from Dave Winer’s site that asks why there aren’t any weblogs covering the Athens Olympics. I think that there are some explanations for this:


1)      Blogging is not popular in Greece. Since there are not many spectators in these games that come from countries where blogging is popular like the US it is inevitable that there would be very few people using this medium.

2)      There is no freely and easily available internet access for the Olympics spectators. There are no wireless access points inside and outside of stadiums. The mainstream press people have access to ADSL connections but for a few exceptions there is no wireless internet available even for them. So the spectators must do with internet cafés, hotel connections and the occasional PC available in a few kiosks around the stadiums.

3)      Because of very strict security measures no authorized personnel is allowed near the Olympic village and the closest spectators can come near the athletes is by watching the games in the stadium. Even the mainstream press people can go near some areas.


For these reasons blogging of the Olympic games is sparse to say the least but there are a few of them around. Some belong to journalists, some belong to plain spectators. We might see more of them as the games progress



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