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54 25 Απριλίου, 2004

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

Yesterday was a historical day. Cyprus has voted against the Annan Plan with a expected 78,83% ignoring the great pressure to do the opposite mainly from the US. The Turkish-Cypriots have voted for it with 64,9%. Since I’m not a Cypriot it doesn’t affect me directly but I think that they made the right decision. They Greek-Cypriots where the ones who had there properties taken away and their relatives missing (there over 2000 Greek-Cypriots missing after the 1974 Turkish invasion) or killed. The Annan plan would have forced them to pay about 90% of the «unification» cost and they would still not be able to freely move and work in the Turkish-Cypriot areas, which they once lived. More importantly they would still not be safe from Turkish aggression. This is unacceptable by any standards and I’m sure that there are far better solutions to the Cyprus problem than this.


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