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45 Απρίλιος 17, 2004

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

Today I renewed my Radio subscription and created a Blogger account. What do I need a second weblog when I cant regularly update the one I have? Well Radio is a excellent weblogging tool but has to very important disadvantages 1) I haven’t discovered yet a way of posting Greek text, Greek characters are displayed correctly on my machine but appeared as extended ASCII when uploaded on my website. Although I prefer writing in English I would like to have the opportunity to make some posts in Greek. Blogger seems to work fine with Greek and I think that Userland should make the nessesary changes to their software to make posting text with non-latin characters as easy as possible. 2) Radio’s thin server-fat client architecture prevents me from editing my site from both work and home without creating inconsistencies to my weblog content. That is why I’m beginning to experiment with other blogging tools while being hopeful that Userland will eventually modify their software to solve these problems.



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