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54 25 Απριλίου, 2004

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Yesterday was a historical day. Cyprus has voted against the Annan Plan with a expected 78,83% ignoring the great pressure to do the opposite mainly from the US. The Turkish-Cypriots have voted for it with 64,9%. Since I’m not a Cypriot it doesn’t affect me directly but I think that they made the right decision. They Greek-Cypriots where the ones who had there properties taken away and their relatives missing (there over 2000 Greek-Cypriots missing after the 1974 Turkish invasion) or killed. The Annan plan would have forced them to pay about 90% of the «unification» cost and they would still not be able to freely move and work in the Turkish-Cypriot areas, which they once lived. More importantly they would still not be safe from Turkish aggression. This is unacceptable by any standards and I’m sure that there are far better solutions to the Cyprus problem than this.

53 22 Απριλίου, 2004

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Today (21 April) is the anniversary of the 1967 military coup. It was led by a group of colonels and installed a dictatorship in Greece, which lasted for seven years and ended in 1974 with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Among the numerous crimes of that regime there is one that is rarely mentioned, the crime against Greek Culture. I just watched a documentary in one of the state channels tilted “Junta Kitsch”. The “Junta Kitch” was the attempt of the Junta give “aesthetic qualities” (I can’t find another way of putting this) to the Royalist-Anticommunist cultural Ideology. Mainly two “constructs”, the “Country-Religion-Family” mantra and the “Greco Christian Civilization/Culture” composed this ideology.  The first formed the pillars of Greek society and where supposed to contain the essence of being Greek. The second was a (very clumsy) attempt to combine Greece’s distant Classical Past with the more resent Christian/Byzantine era. These two “constructs” existed long before the 1967 Junta seized power but where brought to “perfection” during that seven-year reign of terror. The “aesthetization” was achieved with the use of modern means. Dreadful song festivals, the newly born Greek TV, hilariously bad war movies, even incredibly tacky parades with theatrical reenactments of the Battles at Thermopile, the Byzantine Emperors court precessions and the battles of the 1821 Greek revolution against the Turks all taking place at the same time. All of this and more were used in an attempt to promote the glory of Greek “culture”.  These “atrocities” are more or less forgotten today. One reason been that other Junta crimes where so horrible that overshadow anything else committed during that period. The other reason is maybe a bit more sinister. We Greeks like to think that we have left all this ridicule behind us but it is not true. Many bits and pieces of those little atrocities survive to this day, some of them have mutated and have become part of our lives. We see them every day on TV, in the glossy magazines, in the “hottest” clubs, within our own lifestyle. I think that some day we must look beyond the “folklore” of that era and try to see what exactly happened then and how it still affects us today.

52 19 Απριλίου, 2004

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I’ve added a new category called Archaeological weblogs which contains links to various weblogs centered on archaeology.

51 19 Απριλίου, 2004

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Archaeological news from the Archaeology in Europe web site




Medievalists with weblogs






Egyptology Blog


49 18 Απριλίου, 2004

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I’ve added a few links for Java based Content Management Systems in my Java Stuff page. They might prove useful to someone.

48 18 Απριλίου, 2004

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Since I have spend the last year working on the development of the Velti Content Management System (developed entirely in Java) I will add a few Java CMS links here.

A good site containing information on the various CMS platforms available.


Here is a popular Open Source CMS writen in Java


Another Java based CMS


Another Java based Open source CMS sponsored by Apache.org


Another Java based Open Source CMS


And another one


And another one

JBoss Portal

Well that’s it for now. At some point I might add more technical stuff about CMS’s.

47 17 Απριλίου, 2004

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It has been months since I updated my weblog. The main reason is that I have spent the last 6 months working really hard. Since I kind of like my job this doesn’t bother me much. But I have spent the last 2 months on a project I absolutely hated and which nearly cost me my job. The company I work for is a subcontractor for the OTE Number Portability. The platform used for this project is the Oracle 11i applications and more specifically the Oracle SDP Number Portability(PDF) module. The word baroque cannot even begin to describe it. It requires 45 cd for installation, 16.000 DB tables and 28 million lines of PL/SQL code (this is on the clean system after installation, imagine the mess that occurs after a year of use). This is not the first time I worked on projects which are developed on this type of hugely expensive «extinct dinosaur» platforms. But it was the first time I worked on this type of software in a Public Sector project. This made the experience even more frustrating since I had the knowledge that this load of useless crap was payed with MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Any way I got out of that mess without to much damage and hopefully this experience will serve as material to my future essay «Why the majority of Enterprise Software Products and Solutions Suck Like a Hoover On Steroids«.

46 17 Απριλίου, 2004

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Ελληνικά  UTF-8

45 17 Απριλίου, 2004

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Today I renewed my Radio subscription and created a Blogger account. What do I need a second weblog when I cant regularly update the one I have? Well Radio is a excellent weblogging tool but has to very important disadvantages 1) I haven’t discovered yet a way of posting Greek text, Greek characters are displayed correctly on my machine but appeared as extended ASCII when uploaded on my website. Although I prefer writing in English I would like to have the opportunity to make some posts in Greek. Blogger seems to work fine with Greek and I think that Userland should make the nessesary changes to their software to make posting text with non-latin characters as easy as possible. 2) Radio’s thin server-fat client architecture prevents me from editing my site from both work and home without creating inconsistencies to my weblog content. That is why I’m beginning to experiment with other blogging tools while being hopeful that Userland will eventually modify their software to solve these problems.