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21 20 Μαρτίου, 2002

Posted by Lida in Uncategorized.

I’ve noticed something interesting recently. Occasionally I visit my Referers page on the Radio Community Server and it seems that every now and then people visit my weblog from Google. The really weird part is that the query string almost always contains “Greece” and “weblog”. It seems that there are people trying to find a Greek weblog or a weblog about Greece or something similar. Well, if you happen to be someone coming from Google trying to find a Greek weblog you are almost in the right place. I’m Greek, I live in Greece and (yes) this is my weblog! I haven’t found any other Greek weblogers (not in the Radio community any way). So far it seems that I’m the only Greek (in Greece) using Userland’s Radio app. If you happen to be Greek and you have a radio weblog feel free to contact me (click on the little envelope image on the left). I would like to know how you learned about Radio, weblogging and all that. I would really love to see more Greek weblogs but unfortunately I don’t think that people in Greece are very interested in the idea of expressing their thoughts and sharing their insights on the Internet (or anywhere else for that mater).


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